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The writings on this page are from the perspective of action. It is not a text of detailed understanding but is based on research combined with life experiences. I make reference to some authors, some
renowned, some masters of their craft and others who have made passing contributions to a happy lifestyle. For the most part I refer to the combined writings from a variety of backgrounds. I encourage you to read farther on each of the topics I present to gain a greater understanding of the topics, behaviours and concepts.

My ramblings you should find as an easy read but I hope thought provoking and one that will
take some time to digest through your own actions. Its intent is part a teaching manual but
mostly a collection of strategies to a happier, healthier and more prosperous life.

On a recent ‘Cruise’, on a rather rainy day, we were in conversation with one of the waiters and
he made the comment “Humanity is greedy for everything. They ask when it will be sunny out.
When it comes out they complain about the heat, or it is too windy, or they find a shady spot
and it is too cool. It is sad that they cannot enjoy the day as it is”.

He provided this as a metaphor of how people react to whatever situation they find themselves
in. It is easy to complain or lack satisfaction for our situations. My writings are intended to
stop that reaction. To stop us living in negative thoughts of the past and worries of the future.
Instead you will accept, learn and enjoy your existence in the present moment.

For those who experience anxiety, worry and feel like you live constantly in tragedy you will
find relief and learn to be in control of your mind. For those who are enjoying a life of
satisfaction I hope the writings provide confirmation of your innate ability to control “Mind
Time” or provide affirmation.

Each week I will present a new topic for contemplation. They are meant for you to take that
positive look at your life and those around you. It is about self-healing.

A Pause, to Listen to the Inner Whisperings

I listen not to myself
But to the mind that lingers in the shadows
For it carries the energy
That transforms our thoughts
To action


Serenity Views

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