Birds – Large and Small!

“In order to see birds, it is necessary to become a part of the silence.”

(Quote by Robert Lynd)

Bald eagle at Serenity Views

Nakusp is home to many types of birds.  We are fortunate at Serenity Views to be able to observe large birds such as this Bald Eagle, as well as Ospreys and Golden Eagles, as they fly above the Arrow Lakes. Now that it is springtime, we also hear many different songbirds in the forest.  Within the last week, we have also seen the return of the beautiful hummingbirds!

For birdwatchers or simply lovers of nature, Serenity Views is the perfect place to visit!


Looking for a cabin in the woods?

Squirrel on birdhouseSpruce up your camping experience!  Our Camping Cabin is now open for the season. Temperatures may still be a bit cool in the evenings, but the wood stove keeps the cabin very cozy.  All firewood is supplied.  From the pathway by the cabin, take a short hike through the forest and down to the shores of the Arrow Lake, where you can have an undisturbed nature walk.

If you would like to stay in the rustic cabin, contact us for availability or any other details.


Looking forward to spring

Happy Spring!  As the days lengthen and begin to get warmer, we are looking forward to another season of welcoming guests to Serenity Views!

The Studio Suite has been open all winter, but the Camping Cabin was closed. The cabin will be once again be available for guests to use on March 30th.

Golden Eagle at Serenity Views

We had a special visitor this week – a magnificent Golden Eagle!  He sat in a tree on our property and surveyed the lake for quite awhile.  Our location on the Arrow Lake is ideal for viewing many types of wildlife and birds.  Hopefully our guests will be lucky enough to spot some during their stay at Serenity Views!


Happy New Year from Serenity Views!

Snowfall at Serenity Views
Happy New Year to our guests!  We are looking forward to another great year and hope to see some of our past guests, as well as new ones in 2015.  We feel so fortunate to be able to live in this beautiful area, and love to share it with others.

The year has started off with lots of snow!  Between January 4 and 6th, it snowed constantly – big, fluffy flakes – which left a total of about 2 feet or more on the ground.  Luckily, the temperature never dropped below -5 C, so it was quite comfortable as we shovelled outside!!

Check out these pictures from the big snowfall.

The local ski hill at Summit Lake is in full operation, and snowshoers and cross-country skiers are happy to see the snow. After a day of playing in the snow (or shovelling), it is always nice to go to the hot springs to warm up. Both Nakusp Hot Springs and Halcyon Hot Springs are open year-round.

We hope that 2015 brings you and your family a year of health and happiness.

Best wishes, Brian and Marilyn


“Do what you otter”

The forested property of Serenity Views is home to many types of wildlife and birds.  As well, we are fortunate to be located on the Arrow Lake which provides many opportunities for wildlife viewing.

While relaxing on the lakeshore recently, some of our guests observed an otter playing in the water.  In addition, there were loons quietly floating in the clear waters of the lake.

Otter at Serenity ViewsLoon on Arrow Lake

Our thanks to Dave and Lisa for sharing these incredible photos with us!


Canada Day in Nakusp

Canadian flag at Serenity ViewsCanada Day in Nakusp was hot and sunny, bringing out many visitors and residents to celebrate.  There was a parade in the morning, followed by a Festival at the Park with a Farmers’ Market, food vendors, games for children and adults, music and a Car and Motorcycle Show and Shine Show. In the evening the Beer Gardens opened with a country band playing from the gazebo in the park.  The United Church served a delicious pig roast dinner.  Canada Day finished with fireworks on the waterfront.

Here are some pictures taken of the parade:

At the end of this busy day, it was wonderful to come home to the peace and quiet of Serenity Views!


Spring on the Waterfront Promenade

Tree in bloom on waterfront promenadeAfter a few days of rainy weather, Nakusp is now enjoying warm, sunny weather.  The hummingbirds have returned and flowers and trees are beginning to blossom.  One of the favorite activities of visitors and residents of Nakusp is to walk along the waterfront promenade – a one kilometre pathway stretching along the shoreline of the Upper Arrow Lake.  This paved pathway is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy nature.  There are trees, benches, several flower gardens, a recently installed stone sculpture, and even a peaceful Japanese garden to visit.

This walk may take a little longer than you plan for because the residents of Nakusp are friendly and enjoy visiting with everyone. A walk along the promenade is a “must-do” activity if you come to Serenity Views!


The New Year begins

Arrow Lake in winter

Holiday display with deer

Winter pathway to cabin

There has been quite a bit of snow falling in the Nakusp area in the last couple of weeks. The temperatures remain mild (around -3 Celsius) which makes it perfect for walking, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing.  A soak in the nearby hot springs is a perfect ending after a day of activity in the snow.

Serenity Views lodging is open year-round.  If you are thinking of a winter holiday, please contact us.

Brian and Marilyn are looking forward to 2013 and the opportunities it will bring.  We especially look forward to meeting new guests, as well as those who have visited Serenity Views before. 

We wish all the best in 2013 to our friends, family and guests!


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