Summertime news – 2021

We are pleased that the BC travel restrictions have now been lifted! We are welcoming visitors from all provinces and territories to our beautiful area.

Both the Camping Cabin and the Studio Suite are now fully booked for the summer months. We look forward to meeting guests new to Serenity Views, as well as guests who have returned year after year.

With the recent warm weather, and a clean lake just steps away, it is shaping up to be a great summer for our visitors!

An Autumn Walk

October view of Arrow Lake

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

L.M. Montgomery – “Anne of Green Gables”

The fall season is beautiful at Serenity Views.  After a busy summer, there is a sense of peacefulness in the air. A walk along the lakeshore reveals interesting rock structures – both natural and manmade!  The trees have many colours, and the larch trees will soon show their golden needles.

Stacked rocks on lakeshoreFall views on shoreline

Looking for a cabin in the woods?

Squirrel on birdhouseSpruce up your camping experience!  Our Camping Cabin is now open for the season. Temperatures may still be a bit cool in the evenings, but the wood stove keeps the cabin very cozy.  All firewood is supplied.  From the pathway by the cabin, take a short hike through the forest and down to the shores of the Arrow Lake, where you can have an undisturbed nature walk.

If you would like to stay in the rustic cabin, contact us for availability or any other details.


Spring on the Waterfront Promenade

Tree in bloom on waterfront promenadeAfter a few days of rainy weather, Nakusp is now enjoying warm, sunny weather.  The hummingbirds have returned and flowers and trees are beginning to blossom.  One of the favorite activities of visitors and residents of Nakusp is to walk along the waterfront promenade – a one kilometre pathway stretching along the shoreline of the Upper Arrow Lake.  This paved pathway is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy nature.  There are trees, benches, several flower gardens, a recently installed stone sculpture, and even a peaceful Japanese garden to visit.

This walk may take a little longer than you plan for because the residents of Nakusp are friendly and enjoy visiting with everyone. A walk along the promenade is a “must-do” activity if you come to Serenity Views!


Flooding in Alberta

We have been watching with concern the recent major flooding in Alberta.  Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have been affected by this disaster, and hope that life will return to a normal state soon.    

Because of the flooding in Alberta, we have had several inquiries from our guests concerning the conditions in our area.  The Nakusp area has had lots of rain in the last few weeks, but there have been no flooding concerns. 

Serenity Views was built on the hillside overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.  The level of the Arrow Lake is controlled by a dam at each end – the Revelstoke Dam on the north and the Keenleyside Dam near Castlegar on the south end of the Arrow Lake.  The level of the lake does fluctuate, but residents are aware of the changes and are prepared for these changes.  Any buildings must be built 100 feet above the high water line, so our lodgings are never in danger of flooding.

Deer on roadway When travelling to the Nakusp area, you should be aware of the road conditions along whatever route you choose to take.  The Drive BC website is great and covers the whole province.  It includes ferry information as well, which is essential to check when travelling to Nakusp.

As well as road and weather conditions, we urge our guests to be aware of wildlife.  Deer are quite often seen along the highways leading to Nakusp, so please be watchful and cautious.

We wish all our guests a safe journey to Serenity Views!

Our final snow … maybe?

Serenity Views has seen a whole range of weather in the past week:  snow, rain and sun; but we are hopeful that spring will soon be here!  There was a robin in our grass this morning and he is also hoping that spring is here.

Spring mountain and lake viewThis photo shows that there was snow overnight in the mountains across the lake, which will disappear soon as that blue sky is indicating!

On the waterfront promenade in Nakusp there are also signs of spring with crocuses poking their heads out of the ground.

Spring is a wonderful time to visit Nakusp.  Staying at Serenity Views gives you the opportunity to walk through the forest on the pathways on our property and along the lakeshore where you will definitely see signs of spring. 

If you are looking for a quiet, peaceful place to have a getaway and enjoy nature, consider Serenity Views!

Approaching Holiday Season!!

It has been a great fall for Serenity Views.  The Nakusp area is a beautiful part of the country to live in – especially when the leaves are changing colour in the fall.

We are now preparing for the winter, and are eagerly awaiting our first snowfall!!  So far, we have only had a skiff of snow which disappears quickly with our mild temperatures.  The photo below shows our shoreline and the mountains in the distance which have some snow.   Serenity Views Shoreline The Village of Nakusp is looking very festive these days with businesses and street lights decorated for Christmas.  We have also been busy decorating at Serenity Views, and are so thankful to be living in the middle of a forest in B.C. where we have an endless supply of aromatic cedar boughs!!  As well, the Studio Suite is looking festive with lights on the deck and holiday decorations inside.

We are now accepting bookings for December and January, including Christmas and New Year’s.  If you are thinking about getting away and would like a quiet, peaceful retreat, we would be pleased to accommodate you.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Is spring finally here??

It appears that spring has arrived in Nakusp!  The snow is gone and the trees and bushes are starting to bud out.  It is wonderful hearing many different birds chirp in the forest.  The ospreys have returned and are often seen gliding over the lake, and many different types of waterfowl have been spotted in the lake.

The flowers in the picture below are growing in Spicer’s Garden, which is located on the waterfront promenade in Nakusp.  The promenade provides great views of the lake and mountains, benches to relax on, and many plants and flowers growing from one end of the walkway to the other.  If you would like to experience the beauty of Nakusp, we invite you to stay at Serenity Views, and visit the many attractions in the area, including the waterfront promenade!

Spring flowers growing on Nakusp promenade

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