Meditation is a journey from external activity to inner peace.

It can be considered a mental and/or spiritual tool that is:

  • Independent of any creed, religion or philosophy
  • Can be taken up by anyone
  • A kind of openness to experience
  • A level of awareness
  • When the thinking part of the mind is directed to the smallest possible target so that awareness can expand.

The trick to meditation is to be aware of something without rationalizing it.  In meditation, thought is avoided.  If we can stop our thinking for a while we can expand our awareness and have a new experience of reality.

Meditation goes beyond visualization.   Visualization uses the mind and the imagination for creative and self-fulfillment purposes.  Deep meditation goes beyond visualization to link with the higher self or the spiritual self.  This can only take place when the mind is still.

Guided meditations:

These weekly meditations begin with a relaxation activity to calm the body and slow your thoughts.  Then, through visualization, we focus the mind bringing it to a state of no thought which allows your awareness to expand.

If you wish to participate in the weekly guided meditations via Zoom, please contact us.

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