Expression of Ourselves

Do you respond to situations or do you react to them?

The intellectual brain responds
The instinctive brain reacts

Instinct is the need for  survival
Intellect is the need for meaning
Emotion is the need for response                                  Balance of these is important
Intuition is a connection of value

Our world is designed out of the expression we give each situation. To understand yourself better you need to assess your particular brain priorities.

Stop right now and write down a couple of names of people you would put in each category. What is their dominant brain behaviour? Once you have done this it becomes clear why they are so different from one another. In some instances the people very much complement each other resulting in strong relationships. In other cases, the two people just cannot relate to each other and are constantly in conflict.

In many ways this is no different than the “personality profiling” workshops many of us have experienced in our work situations. These help us understand one another in deeper ways.

What I propose here is that we can choose a new path of life if we want to. The brain allows us to respond according to our thoughts and our beliefs. Our beliefs are always changing based on new information, our thoughts change as a result of all the stimuli we are constantly experiencing. So can our response / reaction patterns. If these change, the way we express ourselves changes and people start to view us differently.

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