Summertime news – 2021

We are pleased that the BC travel restrictions have now been lifted! We are welcoming visitors from all provinces and territories to our beautiful area.

Both the Camping Cabin and the Studio Suite are now fully booked for the summer months. We look forward to meeting guests new to Serenity Views, as well as guests who have returned year after year.

With the recent warm weather, and a clean lake just steps away, it is shaping up to be a great summer for our visitors!

Do you enjoy fishing?

Staying at Serenity Views has many benefits.  As well as the quietness of the property and the great views of the lake and mountains, there is the advantage of being able to enjoy the shoreline on the edge of the beautiful Upper Arrow Lake.

If you enjoy fishing from shore, this is the place for you!  Whether you are staying in the Camping Cabin or the Studio Suite, the shoreline is just a short walk down a forested pathway where you can fish on the secluded rock beach.

Below is a picture of a Dolly Varden which was caught by recent guests who were staying in the Camping Cabin.  Thank you Sherry and Lenard for sharing your picture with us!

Dolly Varden caught on shoreline of Serenity Views

There are numerous species of fish in the Arrow Lake including rainbow trout, bull trout, kokanee and whitefish.  Trout usually range from 2-7 kg. but have been known to reach 12 kg.  Note to all fisherman:  this fish was released back into the lake!

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