Serenity Views has always offered accommodation that had a spiritual nature. Thank you to those who used our Nakusp accommodation in the past. Our focus has changed from accommodating guests in a remote, woodlands retreat in British Columbia to offering luxury wellness accommodation in Mexico.

One of the many peaceful walkways at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta

For a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday, consider staying in this luxurious Mexican location. The resort is in Nuevo Vallarta, located near Puerto Vallarta.

We find this to be a perfect wellness getaway. I like to spend early mornings in the quiet places to write and meditate. Then enjoy the pools, beach and entertainment during the day.

To view the properties and the amenities, check out You will notice on the Vidanta website that the nightly rates for these suites are quite high. However, if you are interested in staying in one of our suites, please contact us. We rent ours out on a weekly basis for a fraction of the cost.

The resort has several restaurants to choose from and is in walking distance of other popular restaurants in town. The one bedroom suite has a full kitchen allowing you to cook your own meals. There is a small grocery store on-site.

The resort is situated on a large property that is secure and safe. There are several pools to enjoy as well as an expansive beach area. Walkways and boardwalks take you through the lush vegetation to discover the variety of spaces to explore. You will benefit from this spiritual wellness experience. If you should book on the same week that we are there, Brian will provide guided meditation and relaxation sessions for you.

Once you book, we will provide tips on how to simplify and make the best of your vacation time.

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