Relaxation is to give over your control to nothingness. Those who know how to truly relax can lay back and within a few seconds are in a complete sleep-like or deep meditative state. It is not a mystery or a difficult process and anyone can learn to do it. It does, however, take practice.

Relaxing the body is the easiest part. If you have never tried to completely relax the body, start with one body part such as the arm. Concentrate on the upper muscles, the biceps. Feel them relax. You can feel it letting go. Your arm can be at your side or, if lying down, have the arm in a natural position; concentrate on all the muscles and tendons in the upper arm. Feel them letting go. Now concentrate on your elbow. Feel all parts with your mind. Let it relax. Feel it become comfortable and free. Now concentrate on your elbow. Feel all parts with your mind Let it relax. Feel it become comfortable and free. Now concentrate on the lower arm muscles. Feel all the tension flow into your hand and allow it to keep flowing through your fingers and out your fingertips. This is natural. Our body energies and heat flow from our bodies continually. Relax the wrist and hand and fingers in turn. Sense that total relaxation.

This is what we want the entire body to be like – with all tension released.

Now our thoughts may not be as easy to control but you will have noticed that while you were concentrating on relaxing that arm, your mind was, for the most part, controlled. That is because it had focus. While you do the total body relaxation, your thoughts will be controlled and if you keep your mind on the relaxation, you will be in a meditative type state and some of you will fall asleep. Regardless, in that state, you are in a deep relaxation mode and can recover from tiredness, anxiety or an emotional condition.

Other ways to relax:

  • Lie down and imagine sinking into the couch, floor, bed – whatever you are lying on. Just feel yourself melt into it. Concentrate on the feel while paying attention to your breathing. Feel the flow of air in and out. Notice the rhythm, the depth of breathing, the way you are breathing. When your mind wanders bring it back to focus on the breathing.
  • Focus on a pleasant environment. See it in all its detail: colours, sounds, smells, touch.
  • Think of a walk through a park.
  • When you take that coffee break, really enjoy it. Feel the flavors over your tongue, the smell of the aroma, the warm sensation. Feel the chair you are in and your body settling down.
  • Send happy or healing thoughts out to those around you. Calm soothing thoughts. Imagine them receiving that energy and feeling better about themselves.
  • Go for a very slow walk somewhere where you will not be hindered. Observe everything around you. Notice the sensations of your feet on the ground. Let the sights occupy your mind completely in each moment. Notice how you observe more detail than on a normal walk.

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