A Step Towards Happiness

This entry is a follow up to my last blog. We also have that greater purpose: Our Life Purpose

Why are we here on this earth plane? There must be a reason for my existence. I need to search for the meaning. We all ask the question at some point in our lives wondering if there is a purpose that we must find.

Perhaps the answer is not that elusive. Perhaps the answer is very simple. Perhaps everyone’s reason for existence is to be happy and experience creation. —— To be happy and make others happy without causing harm to ourselves, others and our environment. This is a beautiful philosophy.

That is a simple answer. But achieving this is not so simple. Materialism gets in our way. Others who do not follow this simple philosophy lead or push us from the path. Life situations create confusion in our efforts for happiness.

What if gaining wealth or the desire for new things beyond our means were eliminated from our lives? What if we stopped blaming others for our problems? What if we spent more time remembering good moments and less time dwelling on the bad?

Many of the poorest people in the world are the happiest. Many of the wealthiest never find true happiness. Why is this? What is it that brings sustainable happiness? We need to think in both short and long term paradigms. They must complement one another. Does your day to day enjoyment lead to sustainable happiness throughout your life? That gets complicated We cannot manage our ives in such a predictable way but we can, at least, piece together a beautiful life.

Acceptance and contentment with what we have, who we are, and where we live brings great happiness. This inspires us and we instinctively have goals for helping others and enjoying life. We become more ambitious in our actions and this in turn brings greater awareness of opportunities in our lives for even greater fulfillment.

Take time each day to dwell on the positive.
Do something good for yourself today
Do something good for someone else today
Let the past be the past.

Enjoy each new moment, for the new moments are what will make
your beautiful future.

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