Our final snow … maybe?

Serenity Views has seen a whole range of weather in the past week:  snow, rain and sun; but we are hopeful that spring will soon be here!  There was a robin in our grass this morning and he is also hoping that spring is here.

Spring mountain and lake viewThis photo shows that there was snow overnight in the mountains across the lake, which will disappear soon as that blue sky is indicating!

On the waterfront promenade in Nakusp there are also signs of spring with crocuses poking their heads out of the ground.

Spring is a wonderful time to visit Nakusp.  Staying at Serenity Views gives you the opportunity to walk through the forest on the pathways on our property and along the lakeshore where you will definitely see signs of spring. 

If you are looking for a quiet, peaceful place to have a getaway and enjoy nature, consider Serenity Views!

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